A discussion on the stonehenge one of the great seven wonders of the world

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Stonehenge does not appear on the medieval list of "Wonders of the World" because (1) a "wonder," almost by definition, had to be Classical, and (2) Stonehenge wasn't regarded as "ancient." Until maybe the 17th century, it was generally thought by educated Brits to have been built by Druids shortly before the Roman occupation.

You may know about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Only one - the Great Pyramid at Giza - still stands. So, Swiss film producer and aviator Bernard Weber launched a global voting campaign to let you, and millions of other people, create a NEW list.

There are other "New Seven Wonders of the World" and the actual Seven Wonders of the World, the Ancient ones, are what anyone is looking for.

This is even. Stonehenge, one of the great Seven Wonders of the World What was its purpose, how was it built and by whom. Many different answers come up when asking the question “What was the purpose of Stonehenge”, some say that it was a horrid place, which the Druids used for religious sacrifice, but most others have a more positive idea.

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Stonehenge, England

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A discussion on the stonehenge one of the great seven wonders of the world
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