A history of the documentary film genre in the 20th century

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Documentary film

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Documentary film

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History of film

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This documentary looks at the violence of the 20th Century in new light. Harvard historian Niall Ferguson takes a comprehensive look at the totality of conflict from the turn of the century, up through to the end of the Cold War and turns some of the conventional wisdom on its head.

The 20th century began without planes, televisions, and of course, computers. These inventions radically transformed the lives of people around the globe, with many changes originating in the United States. If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit PBS LearningMedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade.

Although the start of the history of film is not clearly defined, the commercial, public screening of ten of Lumière brothers' short films in Paris on 28 December can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected cinematographic motion pictures.

Film genre

There had been earlier cinematographic results and screenings but these lacked either the quality or the momentum that propelled the. Film Genres: Documentary films. this film is a journey into black history that connects the past of the Civil Rights movement to the present of #BlackLivesMatter.

The History of the Hollywood Movie Industry

chronicles an anarchist movement located in the Rio de la Plata and Montevideo areas in the first third of the 20th century. Revolutionaries included Miguel Arcángel Roscigno. A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.

Such films were originally shot on film stock—the only medium available—but now include video and digital productions that can be either direct-to-video, made into a TV show, or released for screening in.

Documentary A history of the documentary film genre in the 20th century
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History of Documentary Films