A look into the refugee crisis

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Refugees of the Syrian Civil War

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There’s no refugee crisis in Canada, despite what Maxime Bernier would have you believe

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Merkel Under Fire as Refugee Crisis in Germany Worsens

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A Look at the Global Refugee Crisis

There's a tragically ironic subtext to Europe's refugee crisis, which is becoming increasingly problematic as the war in Syria rages and Libya struggles to bounce back.

The world’s growing refugee crisis is not only about numbers. It is also about time. The fact that there are now million refugees under UNHCR’s mandate – half.

An Intimate Look at the Global Refugee Crisis Somali-Canadian filmmakers Asha Siad and Roda Siad, whose short documentary “19 Days” follows several refugee families during their first few weeks in Canada, look at migrants’ experiences in a Calgary resettlement center. Sep 30,  · The conversation centers around Zaatari, the Syrian refugee camp established in Jordan back in We talk about its structural and social transformation through the years of the military conflict and we also look at several aspects of the crisis from the European angle.

Apr 11,  · GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A West Michigan nonprofit that has increasingly stepped into refugee resettlement around the world is calling on President Trump to let more refugees into.

The world’s growing refugee crisis is not only about numbers. It is also about time. The fact that there are now million refugees under.

A look into the refugee crisis
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