A report on the simulation of the circuit with matching networks

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dure to achieve approximate matching at 5GHz.

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You can tune more then one circuit element at once. • Place rectangular plot in the Display window. Select S11 to be plotted. Determine the bandwidth of the resulting matching circuit for Γ max = • Save your design.

Optimization of circuit element parameters. Table of Contents.

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Getting Started; Task1 Acquaint yourself with XCircuit ; Task2 Run the program ; Task3 Drawing a circuit for SPICE simulation ; Task4 Introduction to parameters ; Task5 Virtual library instances ; Task6 Drawing a circuit with parameters ; Task7 Parameter tricks ; Task8 Making a new "fundamental" object ; Task9 A schematic with symbol-less schematics in the hierarchy.

Microwave Office circuit design software, Modelithics Microwave Global Models, and the AMPSA Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW). Using ADW with Microwave Office software, the real-frequency synthesis of the matching networks was A Simulation-Based Flow for Broadband GaN Power Amplifier Design Figure 1: Initial load-line analysis and.

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A report on the simulation of the circuit with matching networks
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Antennas & EM Radiation: Design, simulation, discussion | L RF Matching Network Tutorial