An analysis of depictions of violence in the media

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What's Wrong with the Ratings?

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Cultivation theory

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File this away and refer to it the next time someone in the #FakeNews Media does this.

Police Body Worn Cameras:

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Ratings put in place by the local Media Watchdog to give consumers an idea of the content of a specific media product, often times encouraged by the producers of said media in order to avoid the alternative of a Censorship specific criteria for assigning are usually fairly open, although the two biggies (sex and violence) are given different emphasis in different parts of the world.

There is broad consensus among medical associations, pediatricians, parents, and researchers that violent video games increase aggressive behavior. [] A study published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture found that 90% of pediatricians and 67% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that violent video games can increase aggressive behavior among children.

Sexist attitudes are higher than ever, and violence against women has reached epidemic proportions. The role of pornography can no longer be denied.

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Cultivation theory An analysis of depictions of violence in the media
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