An analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt

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Carrie Chapman Catt

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American Speech Project Audience The audience in this speech is women Speaker The speaker is Carrie Chapman Catt The Crisis by Carrie Chapman Catt. The major focus of the speech is to allow women to vote.

An analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt

Women wanted to take a stand and have their opinions heard. In the speech “The Crisis” by Carrie Chapman, she uses the following element of language. Go here for more about Carrie Chapman Catt. Go here for more about Carrie Chapman Catt's The Crisis Speech. Photo above: Library of Congress.

It follows the full text. The Woman's Journal reprints a speech by Carrie Chapman Catt, president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Carrie Chapman Catt – The Crisis

Rhetorical Analysis: The Crisis Brandiford Mercy Rhetorical Analysis: The Crisis Carrie Chapman Catt, a strong, independent woman, believed she could make a difference by standing up for women’s rights, not only to vote, but to work as well. Catt uses an earthquake to describe the reaction of “organized society” to the idea that so much money was being poured into the war.

Catt stated "earthquake" would “bring untold changes in its wake” in the same way that women’s suffrage is such a change to society.

An analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt
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