An analysis of the strategic management of the etisalat company

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Etisalat SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

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Etihad Etisalat Company is a wireless telecommunication service provider that offers fixed line, mobile telephony, and Internet services. The company's product portfolio comprises voice plans, internet solutions, and devices. Strategic Management Process of Etisalat Introduction.

Found in the Middle East, Etisalat is telecommunications business and the largest corporations in the 6 Arab countries under the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Strategic Analysis on Etisalat

Strategic Analysis of Etisalat Newer technologies: The top management at Etisalat believes ‚Cloud Computing‛ as a deeply transformational trend worldwide, and hence Etisalat is planning to launch a wide range of service in this field in the near time.

Etisalat Facilities Management is an independent entity of the Etisalat legacy and provides high quality Facilities Management Services to Etisalat as well as the Real Estate market within UAE and the Gulf.

Jun 04,  · The company was founded in as a joint venture between International Aeradio limited, a British company and local partners.

Later on inthe govt. of UAE had a 60% stake in the company and rest was publicly traded. Company SWOT analysis?

Strengths? Etisalat is the main telecommunication company in the United Arab Emirates: In fact I think the strategic management strategy of Etisalat is good to some extent but it needs for more improvements ¿½ What is the Marketing action plan of Etisalat?

An analysis of the strategic management of the etisalat company
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