Are the police taking advantage of people by using police brutality

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Chicago Police Misconduct & Brutality Attorneys

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Citizen caned

The reality of police abuse is not limited to a number of “very small incidents” that have impacted black people nationwide, but generations of experienced and witnessed abuse.

A recent analysis conducted by USA Today found that, since2, bystanders have been killed by police chases, along with 2, people who had not violated the law but were passengers in. Sep 21,  · YES, Iam totally agree with you.

Some of the police officers are really brutal and taking advantage of their positions. Sometime innocent people have to suffer a lot without any reason.

The term police misconduct refers to illegal or inappropriate action engaged in by police officers. Police misconduct can include instances of such things as discrimination or even obstructions of justice. Modern times have seen a huge increase in the number of people possessing mobile devices capable of recording video and sound.

Police brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct which involves undue violence by police members. Widespread police brutality exists in many countries and territories, even those that prosecute it. Although illegal, it can be performed under the color of law.

Police brutality is the intentional use of excessive force by a police officer. Though usually physical it has the potential to arise in the form of verbal attacks or psychological intimidation. It is in some instances triggered by " contempt of cop ", i.e., perceived disrespect towards police officers.

Are the police taking advantage of people by using police brutality
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Are the police taking advantage of people by using police brutality