Disaster the nepal earthquake

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Rebuilding in Nepal

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Nepal Earthquake: Disaster Risk Reduction Preparation

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The succession of earthquakes which continues to rock Nepal has created a humanitarian crisis of comparable scale to the country's year civil war, compressed into the space of less than three.

Overview On April 25, a magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal, in an area between the capitol city of Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara. Tremors and aftershocks were felt across the region in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and on Mount Everest.

A second earthquake occurred on May This event was a magnitude quake. The [ ]. The April Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) killed It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the Nepal–Bihar earthquake.

The ground motion recorded in the capital of Nepal was of low frequency which, along Areas affected: Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh. A magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25,toppling multi-story buildings in Kathmandu, the capital, and creating landslides and avalanches in the Himalaya Mountains.

Nearly 9, people died and more than 22, suffered injuries. It was the deadliest earthquake in the seismically. Nepal is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, with annual floods and landslides, periodic drought and epidemics, and a high level of seismic activity.

Disaster the nepal earthquake
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Two Years Later: Rebuilding Nepal After Devastating Earthquakes