Fast food as the number once cause for child obesity in the united states

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New Guinea, 19 April Childhood place and cardiovascular dysfunction. But challenges and links persist. · Another study reported that less than 1% of Chinese children’s total calorie intake was obtained from fast food inwhile the proportion was % for children in the United States [26,27].

Other factors have contributed to childhood obesity in China, such as increased family income and increased consumption of animal-source food [ 28 ]  · The Effect of Fast Food Restaurants on Obesity Janet Currie, Columbia University and NBER Stefano DellaVigna, UC Berkeley and NBER U.S.

since the mid s. At the same time, the number of fast food restaurants more than doubled over the same time period, while the number of other restaurants grew at

Obesity in America In the United States today, obesity has become an enormous problem. In the last 3 decades, the number of people overweight has increased dramatically.

A study done by the Centers of Disease Control showed that sinceone third of our adult population has become The final factor that makes fast food cause obesity is its convenience, or more specifically, how close fast food restaurants are to your home, job or school.

For instance, children that have a fast food restaurant within miles of their school have a % greater chance of being  · Childhood obesity is a major cause for concern within the United States. This is mainly due to children not getting the require nutrition that they need.

Recommendations for Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Although study show that there is a decrease in obesity in children, it still remains at an all-time  · Children's exposure to television food advertising has been documented extensively in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and across Europe (33, 46, 49, 55).

The average child in the United States for instance, views 15 television food advertisements every day, or nearly messages per year (34)

Fast food as the number once cause for child obesity in the united states
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