Influence of chinese cultural values on management practices in the context of the chinese manageria

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Modern management practices in China

A comparative study of managerial values of managers in the United States, (British) Hong Kong, and China. Four Western-developed measures and four dimensions of the Eastern-developed Chinese Value Survey were used.

Findings indicate that culture and the business environment interact to create a unique set of managerial values in a. To be a player in a global economy increasingly dominated by India, China and Brazil, companies from countries like the US may need to adopt management practices that fit more closely with the cultures of less individualist countries.

The study included both Chinese and western managers of multinational corporations operating in 4 cities of China; Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Tianjin. In addition the paper reviews and reinforces scholarly research and publications on Chinese culture and business practices in China.

Accept that Chinese value indirect talk and that requests are often implied. However, many young people are “trying out” more direct communication which may seem surprisingly direct to outsiders expecting indirectness.

Recognize that definitive responses are rarely given in Chinese culture and that the word “yes” may have multiple meanings. Working Paper Series 01/ Expatriate managers in China: the influence of Chinese culture on cross-cultural management Goodall, K., Li, N.

and Warner, M. The influence of these aspects of Chinese culture on management practices in Chinese organizations has also been suggested by other Chinese scholars.

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For example, Pun, Chin, and Lau () observed that Chinese management and organizations are shaped by collective orientation, social relations, paternalistic approach, and acceptance of hierarchy.

Influence of chinese cultural values on management practices in the context of the chinese manageria
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How culture impacts management practices