Methods of replacing the wear parts

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US20040120615A1 - Non-rotating bushing for actuator shaft - Google Patents

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Specializing in Parts, Products and Accessories for Toyotas. The invention provides a method of replacing a worn wear strip located between a rail and a retaining plate, the method comprising positioning a new wear strip adjacent the worn wear strip, securing a clamping apparatus to the rail adjacent the new wear strip opposite the worn wear strip and urging the rail in a direction from the clamping apparatus to the retaining plate until the clamping.

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Flat $ Shipping on ALL parts orders. We offer shipping flat $ shipping on ALL parts orders. (Complete Engines, Lower Units and Sterndrives excluded). Jun 10,  · Getting new material for wear bands at McMaster Carr, to replace the worn parts.

Those bands are now in bad condition and need replacement.

Methods of replacing the wear parts
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