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The Law of Life

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“The Law of Life” Jack London’s short story “The Law of Life” was first published in McClure’s Magazine, Vol. 16, in March, “In this story,” says Walker, “London practically defined naturalism.”. London also refers to people dying as "episodes" and that all men of the tribe are episodes, and everyone will pass, but the legacy of the tribe will never die.

The Law of Life and Naturalism Naturalism is an experience that a person has no control over Death is a thing that a person can't control. Naturalism exposes the dark areas of life and how they affected people, such as sex, violence, disease, prejudice, abandonment, disease, and even death.

Naturalism, in short, is a need to return to the earth. Death in Jack London's 'The Law of Life' - Didem Oktay - Term Paper - American Studies - Literature - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essayPages: 9. "The Law of Life" is a short story by the American naturalist writer Jack London.

It was first published in McClure's Magazine, Vol, March, [1] Init was published in a collection of Jack London's stories, The Children of Frost, by Macmillan Publishers.

Naturalism the law of life
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