Orbids of the skull

Bones of the Skull

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The cranium consists of two parietal bones, the occipital bone, two temporal bones, the sphenoid bone, and the ethmoid bone. The bones of the skull can be divided into two groups: those of the cranium (which can be subdivided the skullcap known as the calvarium, and the cranial base) and those of the face.

The Cranium The cranium (also known as the neurocranium), is formed by the superior aspect of the skull.

The Skull Bones – Orbital View

The orbits of a human skull is the space in which the eye and it’s appendages are located. The two orbits in the human skull are conical “holes”. The orbits of a human skull is the space in which the eye and it’s appendages are located. The two orbits in the human skull are conical “holes” that opens into the midline of the face and point back into the head.

The anterior skull has the orbits that house the eyeballs and associated muscles. The walls of the orbit are formed by contributions from seven bones: the frontal, zygomatic, maxillary, palatine, ethmoid, lacrimal, and sphenoid.

Bones of the Skull

Located at the superior margin of the orbit is the supraorbital foramen, and below the orbit is the infraorbital foramen. Buy airline tickets, read reviews & reserve a hotel,+ followers on Twitter.

Orbids of the skull
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