The character of dr stockmann in the story an enemy of the people

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Discuss the characters in Enemy of the People.

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An Enemy of the People

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An Enemy of the People Characters

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Unlock This Study Ultimate Now Start your hour free unlimited to unlock this page An Essential of the Mistakes study guide and get instant improvement to the next:. Dr. Thomas Stockmann is the Medical Officer of the Baths in the play ''enemy of the people'' by Henrik Iben; and the brother of the Burgomaster (mayor) of the town.

Jovial by nature, the doctor enjoys the company of "bright, cheerful, freedom loving young fellows" who. In this lesson you will learn about Dr. Stockmann and Peter Stockmann, and their story in ''An Enemy of the People'', a Henrik Ibsen play rewritten by Arthur Miller.

An Enemy of the People is a play that tells the story of a man following his conscience and doing what he feels is morally right, despite the negative impact on his reputation and his family's security.

The play follows the story of Dr. Stockmann, a man who discovers. Because of his discovery, he incurs the censure of the town and is proclaimed an “Enemy of the People.” Stockmann is the one honest man in public life in the town.

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An Enemy of the People

Dr. Stockmann’s moral character, however, is. What is the story about. Say that dr. Stockmann is not allowed to read his report or talk about the baths. The minority. Who declares the doctor to be an enemy of the people.

Hovstad and aslaksen. How does Dr. Stockman say he will get his message across without the support of his town.

The character of dr stockmann in the story an enemy of the people
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