The democracy project

National Endowment for Democracy

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We the People: A Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy

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Democracy Project

Protect Democracy Project is a nonpartisan nonprofit with an urgent goal: to hold the President and the Executive Branch accountable to the laws and.

Preventing Violence Against Women in Elections On March 14,black Brazilian activist and politician Marielle Franco was murdered in Rio De Janeiro. The city councilwoman was an outspoken feminist and human rights defender who decried police violence and.

InNew Zealand's Electoral Commission called on academic and research communities to respond to declining voter participation. Massey University’s Design+Democracy Project was formed in response to that call-to-action. V-Dem: Global Standards, Local Knowledge.

Varieties of Democracy aims to produce better Indicators of Democracy. We are a team of over 50 social scientists on six continents.

Nearly 4 People Are Evicted Every Minute: New Project Tracks U.S. Eviction Epidemic & Effects

We work with more than 3, country experts and a truly global International Advisory Board. “Democracy for All?”.

Global Standards, Local Knowledge

The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a network of more than state colleges and universities focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy.

The Democracy Project: a History, a Crisis, a Movement by David Graeber – review David Runciman is shaken from his apathy by a call for a new politics in a book that asks why the Occupy Wall.

The democracy project
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