The effects of electro magnetic fields on our lives

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How Does Magnetism Affect Everyday Life?

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Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?: Understanding Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer

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Smart Meter Health Complaints

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Wireless or Not, Smart Meters Harm Your Health

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Devises to stop Electro Magnetic Fields!?Status: Resolved. In the World Health Organization (WHO) named mobile phone radiation* as a possible carcinogenic, alerting the globe to the potential health risks posed by electromagnetic fields (EMF).

THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS by: Hall, Joe We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation every waking, sleeping moment, every moment of our lives.

The only time you are not chronically exposed to EM radiation is when you are out in a wilderness area, far, far away. When you hike in the wilderness you feel. We live our busy lives negligent to the needs of our bodies. The way we move, our posture, the injuries and pains that we overlook are factors that have long term effects on our bodies and overall health.

Okay we all our psychic, there is raw natural power that we adapt into our daily lives and there are stuff that we force into our lives with practice over time.


Aura is the layer of energy which interconnects all other subtle bodies and also acts like a shield covering and protecting our more refined subtle bodies like the mental, emotional, and spiritual and astral bodies.

The effects of electro magnetic fields on our lives
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Smart Meter Health Complaints – EMF Safety Network