The formal and symbolic role of the governor general

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The formal and symbolic role of the governor general

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Head of state

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Center on the American Governor > On Governors > U.S. Governors > Introduction to Governors > Introduction to Governors: Chapter 2. The governor as crisis manager is filling both a managerial and a symbolic role. A governor’s handling of a crisis in the state can surely make or break an administration.

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The Role of the Governor-General by Dame Silvia Cartwright October Occasional Paper No 6 but also on their symbolic value for New Zealand.

* PCNZM, DBE. Governor-General of New Zealand. This address was given to the Faculty of Law and the New Zealand Centre for Public Law, Victoria University of Wellington, 2 October. New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Tuvalu explicitly name the monarch as their head of state (though Tuvalu's constitution states that "references in any law to the Head of State shall be read as including a reference to the Governor-General").

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Head of state

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The formal and symbolic role of the governor general
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