The function of actin

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The Function Of Microfilaments

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Actin: Actin, protein that is an important contributor to the contractile property of muscle and other cells. In muscle, two long strands of actin molecules are twisted together to form a thin filament, bundles of which alternate with bundles of myosin.

Several factors influence actin filament length and treadmilling including ATP binding on G-actin and free ATP-G-actin concentration and the rate of ATP-G-actin assembly to the ends. The critical concentration can also be adjusted. The key protein responsible for actin filament disassembly within the cell is cofilin, which binds to actin filaments and enhances the rate of dissociation of actin monomers from the minus end.

In addition, cofilin can sever actin filaments, generating more ends and further enhancing filament disassembly. The interactions of actin-binding proteins such as profilin and cofilin are regulated by the nucleotide bound to actin, and because these proteins are not expected to directly contact the nucleotide, they must sense the state of actin itself that is a function of the nucleotide bound.

Actin and Myosin. STUDY. PLAY. define actin filaments. two-stranded helical polymers of actin monomers (G-actin), rigid filaments, form core of thin filaments in muscle cells.

Actin structure and function.

activates actin recruiting function by ordering things into proper orientation and recruiting 3rd monomer. F-actin refers to filamentous actin, and G-actin refers to globular actin. The individual strands of the F-actin protofilament are wound together with the help of a double-stranded alpha-helical coiled coil protein called tropomyosin, which regulates the function of the actin filaments.

The function of actin
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