The impact of oil in the development of algeria and nigeria

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Oil Sector – Impact On The Development Of The Nigerian Economy

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Environmental Impacts of Oil Exploration and Exploitation in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Kadafa, Adati Ayuba.

Author: wetland in Africa but due to oil pollution the area Department of Environmental ManagementFaculty of. OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA Nigeria is a federation consisting of 36 states and the federal capital territory of Abuja With a population of about million people,17 it consists of more than ethnic groups Nigeria enjoys ‘Environmental Impact Assessment Challenge in Nigeria’.

The Niger Delta is the richest area of biodiversity in Nigeria, but regular oil spills that are not cleaned up, blatant dumping of industrial waste and promises of development projects which are not followed through, have all added to the increasing environmental and health problems.

The development of shale production in the US has reduced the country's traditional reliance on energy imports from Africa, leaving countries such as Angola, Algeria, and Nigeria (as well as numerous smaller producers) exposed to damaging trade shocks. Shell is a global group of the impact of oil in the development of algeria and nigeria energy and petrochemical companies.

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The oil sector has no significant impact on the economic development of Nigeria. Alternative Hypothesis (H1) The oil sector has a significant impact on the economic development of Nigeria.

The impact of oil in the development of algeria and nigeria
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