The importance of street vendors

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Street foods

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Jan 26,  · Street food vending has become an important public health issue and a great concern to everybody.

Global Importance of Street Food

This is due to widespread food borne diseases, due to the mushrooming of wayside food vendors who lack an adequate understanding of the basic food safety issues.

The aim of this study was to assess street food vendors’ hygienic practices in four Asian and the EU countries according to the Codex code of practice general principles on food hygiene and other relevant documents and observations and to provide information that may clarify certain misconceptions on hygienic practices related to street food.

A lack of knowledge among street food vendors about the causes of food-borne disease is a major risk factor.

Global Importance of Street Food

Although many consumers attach importance to hygiene in selecting a street food vendor, consumers are often unaware of the health hazards associated with street vended foods.

The initiative helps vendors defeat such restrictions by bringing lawsuits in state and federal courts, equipping vendors to fight these restrictions through activism, and educating the public about the social and economic importance of street vending.

Why Street Food Is Important.

Why Street Food Is Important

August 26, Events the event was part of the drive to raise awareness about street food culture and the challenges faced by vendors seeking legitimacy from the city. Reading about San Francisco’s complex and onerous maze of regulations facing street food vendors prompts a “Why?!”.

Street Vendors

After all, street. Despite the importance of the street food and the street food vending the fact that the street food vending involves many problems cannot be ignored. The present condition in which most of the street food vendors cook and sale are place is not clean, well lit and far from source of contamination.

The importance of street vendors
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Street Vended Food in Developing World: Hazard Analyses