The introduction of the talkies


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Sound film

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C'mon feel the noise: what happened when the talkies came to Britain?

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The End of an Era: From Silent Film to Talkies

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Continuing our series on early cinema, we revisit the birth of sound on. The Introduction of the ‘Talkies’ Before all motion pictures were accompanied by a live orchestra to play alongside the film that was provided by theatre owners.

By Warner Brothers introduced a new sound-on-disc system. This provided sound effects and music that was recorded on a wax record. The book starts with the arrival of the talkies, and Al Jolson's famous line, which provides Sarris with his title, and ends in for reasons we are not given.

The effect is a little eerie, since you keep thinking Sarris is going to talk about later films, and then you put your own memories of the films into the silence.

Sound film

Talkies were born. InDisney's "Steamboat WIllie" premiered. It was the first film to completely create a soundtrack in post-production including sound effects, music, and dialogue. The talkies were a long time coming. Thomas Edison always intended to marry images to sound, and as far back as was trying to get his phonograph and his kinetoscope to work together.

That was one of the big problems keeping sound out of film -. In the early years after the introduction of sound, films incorporating synchronized dialogue were known as "talking pictures," or "talkies.

" The first feature-length movie originally presented as a talkie was The Jazz Singer, released in October

The introduction of the talkies
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