The issues to consider when implementing a corporate code of ethics

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Business ethics

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The Global Code of Conduct ("Code") is your opportunity to make it clear to your company's employees and stakeholders how the organization intends to do business. For an international business working across different cultures in different languages this is both particularly important and challenging.

The Company is established in Hong Kong and owned by all shareholders. Our ultimate controlling shareholder is CMCC, which, as of 31 Decemberindirectly held approximately % of the total number of issued shares of the Company. implement the code of business ethics or show negligence in implementing (of - delete) business ethics.

So, the principles of integrity and fairness and focuses on stakeholders’ issues such as product quality, customer satisfaction, employee wages and benefits and local community and environmental responsibilities. Code of Ethics Design & Implementation A corporate Code of Ethics may be regarded as the main instrument to institutionalise ethics within organisations.

The Code of Ethics states the rights, duties and responsibilities of the company towards all its stakeholders. Jason Lunday describes some typical weaknesses of such codes and how companies can overcome them.

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Comments Off on Typical Weaknesses of Codes of Conduct he has authored/co-authored numerous articles and papers on business ethics issues.

The issues to consider when implementing a corporate code of ethics
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