The maori art a way of preserving the past

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Mokomokai: Preservation of the Tattooed Maori Heads of New Zealand

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Māori culture

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Top tattooist makes his mark

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Mokomokai: Preservation of the Tattooed Maori Heads of New Zealand

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New Zealand art

Māori creative arts like weaving and carving celebrate the past and continue to evolve through fresh inspiration and new materials. Toi - Māori Arts.

and both traditional and modern Māori art is sought by collectors worldwide. For a look at historic Maori art pieces, visit museums like Te Papa and the Auckland Museum. Join this group tour and see how the local Maori people are preserving their past while we walk the path of the ancestors.

The local tribe will share stories, legends and their aspirations for the future. Book now. Additionally, this was a way for the deceased, especially dead leaders, to maintain their involvement in the community, even after death.

As objects of honor, these mokomokai were kept by their immediate families in ornately carved boxes. The Maori preserved heads, otherwise known as mokomokai, are one of the most valuable Maori artifacts that survive to this day.

Māori culture

The preserved heads of the indigenous people of New Zealand, with faces decorated by tā moko tattooing (a traditional art form practiced by the Māoris), became valuable.

The maori art a way of preserving the past
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Toi - Māori Arts | New Zealand