The origin of the mummy and the evolution of mummy preservation

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Paleoparasitological Studies on Mummies of the Joseon Dynasty, Korea

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What Is A MUMMY?

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Mummy Juanita: The Sacrifice of the Inca Ice Maiden

Understanding mummy preservation is an important part of physical anthropology. Concentration is placed on areas of osteology including skeletal analysis and structure. Skin, hair, and tissue are commonly examined to comprehend exterior composition. Physical anthropologists can acquire know.

The extracted DNA was used also to characterize the mummy human DNA to determine authenticity and preservation of the extracted aDNA. The nuclear and mitochondrial partial profile indicates an Asian origin of the mummy (Supporting Materials, Supporting Table I1).

Dead for years, this Inca sacrificial mummy found on Chile's El Plomo Peak has opened the door to further inquiry into the strange and mysterious ritual life of the Inca. The appreciation of the beauty of the mummy cases elevated their status to art, and preservation and restoration became the dominant concerns.

It soon became apparent that mummification and all the other rituals surrounding the death of an ancient Egyptian had many meanings. Due to their great preservation quality, we were able to collect invaluable data on the patterns of parasitic infections affecting certain Joseon societies (Fig.

6A). The first-ever paleoparasitological study on a Joseon population was based on a child mummy discovered in (Fig. 2D) in a 16th to 17th century Joseon tomb unearthed in Yangju, Gyonggi-do (Fig. 6A, No. 13).

What Is A MUMMY?

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The origin of the mummy and the evolution of mummy preservation
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