The significance of napoleon bonaparte to the french revolution

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French Revolution and the role of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon I of France

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What Was the Significance of the French Revolution?

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In the beginning of Napoleon's reign, France had 90 line and 26 light regiments. The most significant outcome of the French Revolution was Napoleon Bonaparte which lead France as well as most of Europe to adopt a new "englightened" civil code known as the Code Napolean.

French campaign in Egypt and Syria

Napoleon's rise to power was relatively easy given he was a popular general who had no political identity at /5(3). Napoleon Bonaparte, the former French emperor, is the second most important person in history, coming in behind Jesus Christ.


That’s according to rankings based on a new software programme that. The primary significance of the French Revolution was that it removed power from a small group of elite rulers and established a democratic leadership representing the French citizenry.

Much like the American Revolution that shortly preceded it, the French Revolution was focused on eliminating. Napoléon Bonaparte (French: Napoleon was responsible for spreading the values of the French Revolution to other countries, especially in legal reform and the abolition of serfdom.

After the fall of Napoleon, not only was the Napoleonic Code retained by conquered countries including the Netherlands.

What was Napoleon Bonaparte's role in the French Revolution? The significance of napoleon bonaparte to the french revolution
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What was Napoleon Bonaparte's importance to the French Revolution