The unconventional marriage practices of the hmong people

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Hmong Wedding Ceremony

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Hmong customs and culture

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Hmong People: History, Culture, and Beliefs

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The bolster's family members are able in the dark about this. Hmong graduation information among certain clan warnings. Sweeney, Willa, "Victims of Poverty and Gender Roles: The Marriage Practices, Gender-based Violence, and Trafficking That Hmong Women Face in Their Daily Lives’" ().

Independent Study Project (ISP) Collection. Cosmology And The Cycle Of Life: Hmong View Of Birth, Death And Gender In A Mountain Village In Northern Thailand, PhD dissertation, Brown University.

Schriever, S.H. (). “Comparison of Beliefs and Practices of Ethnic Viet and Lao Hmong Concerning Illness. " Searching for the Hmong People’s Ethnic Homeland and Multiple Dimensions of Transnational Longing: From the Viewpoint of the Hmong in Laos.

" Sangmi Lee, Hmong Studies Journal, Vol 10, " To Tell the Truth. Marriage (Hmong Cultural Center, ) As well as uniting a man and a woman, the Hmong marriage rituals unite 2 families in a formal relationship. The couple may come together in various ways, including mutual consent, elopement, or parental arrangement.

More controversially, there are lingering alternative paths to marriage available in the Hmong culture that, while infrequent, garner attention because they involve the elopement of young women, often below the legal minimum age of marriage.

According to Fresno State Linguistics Professor Dr. Kao-Ly Yang, who also heads up Fresno State's new Hmong Studies program, nearly 40, Hmong people live in the Fresno area. Living in America, continuing traditional Hmong rituals including, for some, underage arranged marriage which is not recognized by the courts and is not legally .

The unconventional marriage practices of the hmong people
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